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Current Rules in Crimson Fog:

  1.  Always use both attacks in war, failure to do so could get you booted. If the bases at your town hall level and below have all been 3 starred, attack one that has already been done, or attack one town hall level higher. A full effort attack (full army, all spells, full CC, and NO GOWIPE) is expected even if no stars are to be gained. This is good for practice, gets your loot bonus, and shows me who is reliable in war.
  2. Be sure to read and follow the war plan, which will be posted during prep day of each war in discord. Also make sure that you are calling the bases you intend to hit.
  3. All members in war must be on Discord. It is a free chat application and external communication is critical to our success in clan war. 
  4. Keep chat civil, mature, and respectful.
  5. Do not ask for promotions, they are earned through war and donations. Long-time members that want to know what they need to do to get co-leader or elder are allowed to ask.