The Crimson Fog is looking for players who are TH8 and up. Our minimum requirements are listed below, if you don't meet these requirements feel free to join our discord server or consider joining Transylvania (below)

Before applying or contacting us, check out our Rules page and make sure this clan will be a good fit for you as the rules are strictly enforced.


Town Hall 8

  • Looking for max or near max Town Hall 8s only
  • King level 9+
  • no more than 15 walls at level 7, rest should be level 8
  • All troops unlocked and nearly all maxed for TH8 levels

​Town Hall 9

  • Combined hero levels of 30+
  • No more than 20 walls at level 8, rest at level 9+
  • All TH9 troops unlocked, Important war troops should be maxed out for TH9 levels

​Town Hall 10

  • Combined hero levels of 45+ AQ at least at 25
  • All walls should be at 9+ with at least a third at level 10
  • All troops unlocked, offense maxed out, troop levels at least maxed out for town hall 9 levels
  • Inferno towers and xbow levels should correlate with your offense levels. a base with 2 max inferno towers and 3 max  level xbows should have heroes both between level 35 and 40

​Town Hall 11

  • combined hero levels of 75+ with GW at 5+
  • All walls at 10+
  • All war troops at max TH10 levels, clan castle should be max level

​If you have any questions please contact us on discord, the link to our server can be found on the home page of this website. You can apply in game at any time using the phrase "red like crimson" If you don't meet our minimums, but are reasonably close, just reach out to us and exceptions can be made. Hope to see you soon!



Join the crimson alliance

gallery/crimson fog

Crimson Fog #PL8L0VRU -War Clan (Competitive)


Transilvania #QV8PUVUV -  War Clan (Casual)

Transilvania is a Romania based war clan and are doing back to back wars to build the clans level (currently level 7) Here we accept players that are townhall level 8+ who are unrushed and active. The use of discord in this clan is available, but not required. This is a great place to join if you're looking to improve your abilities, grow your base, or just want to join a friendly war clan.

Include the phrase "Vlad the impaler" with in-game join requests 


Dream Paddlers #2V09PQ8P - War clan

Dream Paddlers are a level 10 war clan Based in India. They accept level players who are TH7+


TH9: 10/5 Heroes

TH10: 25/25

TH11: 40/40

1500 trophies

Join Phrase: "paddling to dream"

Satori #C929RC0V - Casual War / Farm Clan

Satori is a level 3 Farming and Casual war clan based in the US and Canada but accepting international members. Accepting TH7+ level 60+


400 trophies

TH9: 10/10 Heroes

Join Phrase: "Cookies"

Canadian Pride #R0Q0J2UQ - Training/Feeder clan

Canadian Pride is our Alliance feeder/training clan. Here we war back to back. Players can keep their mini accounts here or this is where players can stay while they build up their village to the standards of one of the main clans. Either way this is a clan in which everyone can learn and build. 

Canadian Pride accepts players of any town hall level who are not excessively rushed. Discord is available but not required.